Tao sutra

The Tao Sutra is a collection of koans, illustrated with accompanying photographs, that delve deep into the human existential questions, seeking meaning in the ordinary life that we live. Written as an exchange of questions and answers between the Tao and his students, and peppered with short stories and a dash of humor, they bring out the essence of human wisdom in easy to understand form. What makes Tao Sutra unique is in its derivation of knowledge and wisdom from everyday deeds, frequently veering into contemporary life and its peculiarities.

In the third book, "Opening the Door to the Senses", the Tao is enlightening and confusing at the same time, lucid but deep. He laughs, as one of us, at the life we live, our desires, our vanity, the games we play, our sense of insecurity. The subject matters are varied, from love, freedom, vision, sound, internet, to global warming. It shines a light on the idiosyncrasies of human beings, showing the simple truths that are at the heart of an increasingly complex world.

Published by FooBarZen Press.

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Following contains a sample of stories from the book.