Tao 3:05 - The Fence

So it came to pass that on the third day of the week from when the Arctic ice cap finally melted, the Tao built a fence to keep the ocean off the backyard.

“I have built a fence that will keep the ocean away,” said the Tao, looking proudly at the fruit of his labor, which was considerable.

“But it is full of holes,” said the student, “and it is not strong enough to hold back the ocean.”

“It is preventive,” said the Tao, “It tells the ocean that it should not be here; that it is trespassing my property.”

Then, he added, after a short pause: “However, this fence is surely not the cure.”

“And what is the cure, then?” asked the student.

“I guess I will have to move to higher ground,” the Tao said, “eventually.”