Tao 3:06 - The Internets

GWB, the new student at the Tao’s school was itching to say something from the way he was lifting his little finger occasionally. So, finally, he did. “The Internets are slowing down!” he said, with quite a dramatic flair. GWB was known for drama; after all, apparently, he was an ex-president of something or other.

There was a hush in the room as somewhere deep inside NSA, a packet was dropped, never to be found again. The momentary blip in the system could only be ascribed to sunspots or the terrorists, or China, and so, duly, it was.

“The internets are slowing down!” repeated GWB, to stress the point. “Last night, I was downloading some state secrets, and it was taking, like, forever. In fact, till this morning, it is still stuck, that rotating wheel.”

“It must be sunspots, or the terrorists, or China,” said the Tao, “This is a known problem. Were you connected to the school Wi-Fi network?”

“No. I have my own network. It is very well connected; with redundancy. I built it myself,” said GWB, proudly.

“Hmm. Would you mind showing it to the class?” asked the Tao, curious.

So he did. Well connected, it was; with redundancy.