Tao 4:01 - What’s That Sound, Again?

“What’s that sound?” asked the new student. He was concerned. The sound was sudden, clear, ominous, and disturbed the quiet of Tao’s little island.

“Nothing to worry about,” said the Tao, “That’s just the sound of usual gunfire coming from our neighbors, the big island of America. A few people would have died from the gunfire, I would assume. Many others would have reloaded their semi-automatic assault rifles to protect themselves from their own government and from others that are not-like-them. Tomorrow, after their president has made an impassioned speech, and their National Rifles Association has throttled the press and the politicians, every thing would be forgotten quickly as images of Kim Kardashian cavorting in Bahamas donning only sunscreen fill up the Television screens and the void between the ears of many Americans. C’est la vie. It goes on. Nothing to worry about.”

“That sounds like a strange place, this America,” the student said. “Why are they killing each other?”

“I thought about it a lot,” said the Tao, “I think there are many reasons. But the biggest among them is the unholy collusion of Big Arms industry and politicians, a large number of people who have forgotten how to think for themselves, inherent human distrust and hatred towards one another, and a culture of violence, glorified in movies and video games.”

“Is there no hope for America, then?” asked the student.

“Yes, there is hope. I have a dream that someday every man, woman and child in America will be armed to the teeth with semi-automatic assault rifles, grenades, howitzers, nukes, and what-have-you. Then, and only then, from the coal mines of Kentucky to the Texas Panhandle, will peace ring. You would not mess with me if I had a nuke, would you?” The Tao’s eyes glistened with emotion. There was an impassioned sincerity in his words that, the students felt, was likely mixed with some sarcasm, but it was difficult to discern for sure in the fading sunlight.

“Yes, there is hope ...” the Tao continued.

“What’s that sound, again?” interrupted the new student.