Tao 4:03 - The Tao Of Flying

“It is such a cool thing, this flying,” said the young student, looking at the birds flying at the distance, “I wish I could fly.”

“You can, if you try,” said the Tao, “Why, I fly all the time.”

“Will you teach me how?” asked the student.

“Of course. See that tree stump over there? Step on it, spread your wings, er, hands, and take a giant leap into the air. You will be surprised what you can do when you are not afraid of falling.”

So the student did. He climbed on the tree stump, spread his hands and leaped out. And lo and behold, he was walking on air.

“Unbelievable!” said the student, even as he continued flying around Tao, “I am actually flying. How do you do this?”

“Not me, you are doing the flying!” said the Tao, “I have merely suspended disbelief.”