Tao 4:07 - Life

From where he was, the world looked magical. Brown rye grass all around, a steep cliff going down towards an azure blue ocean. White sparkles of waves gently breaking in the distance.

The Tao stopped his bicycle where the road bent around the hill. There was a white car parked there, its windows open. A woman sat inside, her hair flying wild with the strong cool bridge rising from the ocean.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” she said presently, noticing the Tao standing by his bicycle.

“Yes! It is gorgeous!” said the Tao. He was given to occasional superlatives.

“A long time ago, I died here,” she said, looking into the distance. There was an eerie calm in her voice.

There was a moment’s pause as the Tao gathered his thoughts. “How has your life been?” asked the Tao, “Since then? Since you were born again?”

“It has been amazing! I have a new respect for life,” she said, “But it took me many thousand deaths to get here.”

She drove over the edge of the cliff.