Tao 5.01 - School

“Today is my first day at school,” said the little girl.

“Oh! Really?” said the Tao. “You must be all excited?”

“No, really!” said the little girl. “I don’t want to go to school.”

“But why?” asked the Tao. “In school you will learn everything that we know.”

“I don’t want to learn everything that we know,” said the little girl. “I want to know everything that no one knows.”

“Such as?”

“I want to know why there is an universe? Why do birds sing, but not lions? Why must some animals kill others? Why do we hate? Why am I here?” asked the little girl. “Can I learn these in school?”

“No,” said the Tao, “but you can learn about human history, about how we think life evolved, how water is formed, what is gravity; if you stay in the school long enough, you may even learn about Higgs Boson.”

“Will I learn why time and space exist?”


“And what is beyond all these?”


“And will they teach me how to ask these questions?”

“No. No. No!” said the Tao. “They will teach you how to answer questions that have been asked before. They will teach you how to be like everyone else. They will teach you uniformity, discipline. They will teach you skills that you will need to be a productive member of our complex society.”

“But you know all these already,” said the girl, “what good have they done to you?”

“I dunno,” said the Tao. “Sometimes I feel that in school I have learned a lot about things that do not matter to me, and very little about things that do.”