Tao 5:04 - Magic Mushroom

Walking for eons on the long and winding road, the Tao was finally led to the land of magic mushrooms. There were mushrooms all around, as far as the eye could see, and then some. They grew tall, gigantic, and spread their umbrellas wide until they all but obliterated the sky. Through the little gaps between the umbrellas, one could glimpse a cloudy grey sky, and there was incessant rain falling drip-drip-drip all around.

The Tao was soaked.

“What is magical about all these?” he wondered.

“Everything,” responded the closest red-spotted mushroom, as if reading Tao’s thought. “Everything is magical around here. The Earth is magical, so is the sky, and the rain; but the most magical of all are us, the mushrooms. Try us, here, nibble at my stem, and see the magic for yourself.”

So the Tao did. A small nibble, for he was curious, but cautious at the same time.

It hit almost immediately. The Tao felt himself drifting up above the mushroom forest, floating among the clouds, now no longer gray but lit up in psychedelic hues. The rain had magically stopped, and there was a giant rainbow filling up the bright blue sky.

“This is indeed magical,” the Tao said out aloud.

The transformation happened just as the Tao said the words. Gone were the bright blue sky and the rainbow; the Tao was back in the land of magic mushrooms with the gray sky and the drip-drip-drip of incessant rain falling all around.

“What happened? Why did it all disappear?” the Tao was shocked. “It was so magical up there.”

“When you are in the land of magic, you can not call it magical; you have to accept it as the new reality. Till you have learned do that, you will be brought back to your old reality,” said a mushroom by way of explanation.

“I can change my reality, then?” asked the Tao, a little confused.

“Reality is nothing but a figment of your imagination,” said the mushroom.