Tao 5:06 - Wildfire

“I am here to purify the world,” said the wildfire, as she danced around the forest, setting alight the many desires of the trees with abandon. The wind, forever her lover, joined her in the dance, in a tremendous surge of passion, ecstatic. Together they danced till the fire of passion was spent, the smoke died down, and the embers were all that remained, smoldering in the desert heat.

The Tao stood there, watching the beauty of it all, pondering the destruction that was unleashed on the earth, and the rejuvenation that is certain to follow.

“Where is the need to purify?” asked the Tao. “What was impure about the forest? It was beautiful. Now you have destroyed it.”

“In a forest, the taller trees usurp all the sunlight, and the smaller plants on the forest floor get less and less of it. It is like your economy: there is no trickle down effect; the rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer. In the forest, I have to set it right every now and then,” said the wildfire. The wind nodded in assent.

“We need a wildfire here for our economy, too,” said the Tao. “I wonder what will whip up the wind.”